Data Recovery


  • Phone Recovery ~ $150
  • Laptop Recovery ~ $200
  • Tablet Recovery ~ $200
  • Hard Drive Recovery – $150
  • Memory Card/USB Drive Recovery – $100

*Recovery Disclaimer*

Not all data can always be recovered. We will do our best to give to you all information requested. Due to the process of repair, data may get damaged or loss. Web-Ease is NOT Responsible for the loss of any data that may occur while performing work on your computer. Attempts will be made to backup data prior to attempting repairs but cannot be guaranteed. Not all devices will be accepted, please contact us to tell us the device that you wish to recover data from. Apple devices will be accepted on case by case basis.

Turnaround time can vary depending on the device and how many items are queued.

Items can be held until payment is successful. We will not ask for payment until your device has been recovered.

A full disclaimer is provided in the Product Drop Off form, which we will provide upon request, please visit the Contact Us page to receive a form.

We do not perform any form of invasive recovery at this time. We can send you contact information for invasive recovery specialists.

 Our hardware allows us to do so without looking at any personal information. Please refer to the contact us page for any questions or concerns you may have with data recovery.

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