Website Building and Maintenance


  • Website Building ~ $30 an hour
  • Website Maintenance ~ $150 per month
  • Web & Monthly Social Package ~ $250 per month 
  • Web & Bi-Weekly Pics Package ~ $275 per month

Pricing for our website services is job-based can vary depending on what your project entails, but we will always do our best to help other small businesses. If you have a low-maintenance profile page and don’t require as much maintenance, we are willing to give a discounted price. On the contrary, if your website requires a lot of upkeep and up to date photography we will charge close to the estimated prices listed.

Customers must have a domain name purchased and registered under their name, ready for us to work on. We also ask that all of your inventory is already accurate when you’re giving us data to enter when launching a website with product sales.

We are not claiming to be responsible for an increase in website traffic or sales. However, it is proven that the better a website looks and functions the more likely a customer is to purchase through that company versus a competitor.

Running and managing ads for your business will be an extra expense, and can be rolled into a package deal.

For any questions you may have, please visit the contact us page and fill out a form!

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